Supplier innovation gateway

Supplier innovation

Our Innovation Gateway is a tool that allows both new and existing suppliers to submit innovative products, materials and services for consideration by Balfour Beatty.

yobet体育官网If you can save us time or money or have an innovation that could reduce health and safety risks in our business, increase productivity or improve the quality of service we deliver to our customers, then we’d like to hear from you.

yobet体育官网We encourage you to tell us about your new or existing innovative products once they are ready for market. We can then evaluate your idea and if they are deemed workable, we can pilot them before making them available to our projects.

Pathway for successful submissions

Innovation Gateway Diagram

What to do next

yobet体育官网Submit your idea on the form in no more than 250 words in the first instance, clearly stating the problem and your solution to it as well as the benefits to Balfour Beatty. Please send your form to the address below using the link to submit it.

The process

1. Please download the submission form here

2. Complete the form and return it to:

yobet体育官网3. We'll be in touch!

Please note we cannot respond to all submissions and speculative enquiries will be ignored.

yobet体育官网We are currently working on a set of 'Specific Challenges' and more information will be available very soon.