Painter Brothers

Structural steelwork

is a leading specialist in structural steel fabrication. 

Our 14-acre site has a wide range of machinery meaning we can manufacture and store almost any type of structural steelwork, including galvanised specialist structural steelwork that requires precision manufacturing.

We have proven expertise in delivering:

  • Overhead line electrification (OLE) steelwork for the rail industry
  • Callender Hamilton lattice girder bridges
  • Telecommunication masts and towers
  • Overhead line transmission towers
  • Substation equipment support and cable support steelwork.

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Painter Brothers - Our experts 'steel' the show

yobet体育官网Painter Brothers is one of the UK’s leading specialists in structural steelwork manufacture. Paul Eaton, Director and General Manager, explains how the in-house team creates quality steel for a variety of markets, including rail, communication networks, and power transmission and distribution. For more information, please visit: Subtitles available.